Gnubox for Nokia S60

This guide is going to be a long one so take the time to read it, it will be worth it. Let me start off by listing the ways to get connected to the internet on the N70 and what maximum speeds are achieved in each case.

  1. GPRS over GSM networks at 14Kbps MAX.
  2. GPRS over UMTS networks at 14Kbps MAX.
  3. GPRS over 3G networks at 50Kbps MAX.
  4. Using PC’s internet connection via Bluetooth at your PC’s connection speed.

The first three connection types are quite basic. If your service provider supports them, they will provide you with assistance on how to activate them. However the last one is a bit different from the rest and I will show how to make it work. Let me explain why you need it and how it functions.

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